There is a hidden world between worlds. A world that is normally only seen through lists, links, and menus. A world that we've known as other worlds have come and gone. A world that exists between everything we do on our computers. THAT is the world of Anarchy Arcade.

AArcade is a functional 3D desktop. A shortcut launcher, just like your regular desktop. It fixes everything that used to be wrong with the concept.

The only way that the 3D desktop concept can work is if can offer at least the following baseline functionality:

  1. The 3D desktop must ALWAYS be open, just like a 2D desktop.
  2. The user must NEVER have a reason to close the 3D desktop.
  3. The 3D desktop must be able to do at least what the 2D desktop does.

AArcade achieves this by fixing all of the issues that plagued 3D desktops of the past. This includes performance considerations, usability issues, program compatibility, and much more.

Take performance, for example. Computers will NEVER be able to run a state-of-the-art game on an in-game screen without a performance hit. It is just a logical fact.

So at its baseline functionality, AArcade is able to launch your shortcuts uninhibited and pauses itself in the background; dumping its system resources. There is relatively zero impact on your performance while playing your state-of-the-art game.

In addition, you could choose to play your stuff on the in-game screens instead. AArcade achieves the required baseline functionality, and then builds on top of that.

AArcade is the real deal. If you've been searching for a practical 3D desktop, welcome!

Are you ready?
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