• Built on Valve's Source Engine with STEAM WORKSHOP and community features

    Regular engine updates from Valve itself!
    State-of-the-art VR support!
    Thousands of compatible addons!
    HUGE modding community with tools & tutorials!

    A 3D replacement to your desktop wallpaper image!
    Launches native Windows apps!
    In-game emulators & video playback thanks to Libretro!

    Show them around your collection in 3D!
    Shares the media item itself, NOT your copy of it!
    Links your friends to their own favorite sites to get it!

Built to be Mainstream

Anarchy Arcade is in an official Early Access title and will be released onto Steam, the most widely used PC gaming platform in the world. It's also built on the Source engine, Valve's in-house graphics engine that powers all of its modern titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2.

This means that Anarchy Arcade's graphics engine is beautiful, regularly updated by Valve itself, and is on the cutting edge of latest technologies such as the Oculus Rift VR device, which will become available to consumers in 2015.

Anarchy Arcade features a Steam Workshop where community members can share their creations or their favorite media with eachother.

Anarchy Arcade respects all copyrights and sets a positive example by providing links to detailed information about media titles.

Built for Comfort

Anarchy Arcade starts as a framework that adapts to be a perfect fit for how ever the player normally uses their computer.

Take your time; there's no rush. Anarchy Arcade grows with you. As you spend time hanging out in your arcades, they will naturally grow larger and more awesome each day.

The virtual world that immerses you will be of your own design and unique to you. You'll know it like the back of your hand and always feel at home.

Customizing is a breeze. Anarchy Arcade makes it easy to find a YouTube video to slap on a cabinet, or find the perfect poster to acompany your favorite movie. It even does this kind of stuff automatically.

Your games and movies will launch exactly as they do now. You don't have to learn any new programs. Anarchy Arcade won't lag you down either because it goes into sleep mode while you play your other stuff.

Anarchy Arcade tries to make everything you want to do easy. If something is difficult, check out the forums and maybe you'll find an easier way. Don't be afraid to ask; we're all in this together and as the developer I am here to help.

Built for You

Anarchy Arcade has a budding community of cool users with amazing arcades that they just love to share to the workshop; and it's still in Early Access.

There are also thousnads of addon props and maps that can be used in Anarchy Arcade to give you customization beyond your wildest dreams. Combining these with your personal media collection creates a very personalized experience that is a lot of fun to share.

Anarchy Arcade is able to find posters, screenshots, and trailers for nearly every game, movie, and TV show in existance. It is able to launch shortcuts to absolutely anything that's on your computer or on the internet.

Anarchy Arcade is non-intrusive; it doesn't force you to change how you use your computer. You'll be visiting the same websites and using the same programs; Anarchy Arcade will only make it funner & sometimes easier to access them.

In multiplayer, the shortcuts are intellegent enough to launch YOUR copy of the game, even if the host has his copy installed to a different location. Often you'll be able to walk straight up to a game in your friend's arcade and start playing with a single click.